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Montana Horse Sanctuary assisting with rescue of Rocky Acres horses

On March 12, the Broadwater County Sheriff's Office seized 28 horses, one donkey, one hinny and 5 goats from Rocky Acres facility near Townsend. The Sheriff's office has asked our assistance in collecting donations from the public for the care of the seized animals which are being held in protective custody.

Montana Horse Sanctuary is supporting the sheriff's office and working closely with them. So far, we have provided them with volunteers and a $600 hay grant. The Sheriff's office has asked people who want to donate for care of the Rocky Acres animals to give through our Sanctuary because the county does not have a mechanism to handle donations. Costs incurred by the Sheriff's office include veterinary care, hay and supplemental feeds, dental treatment and all other costs associated with caring for underweight animals.

ALL donations for this effort, by law, must be spent as directed by the donor. Our board of directors, contract bookkeeper and accountant track all donations. We will continue to stay in close communication with the Sheriff Brenda Ludwig and will distribute donated funds to them as they arrive at the Sanctuary. You may donate by check or credit card. If you are writing a check, please put "Rocky Acres" on the memo line of the check. If donating by credit card please check the Rocky Acres designation box on our DonateNow page.

If you have questions please contact Board President Jane Heath at
info@montanahorsesanctuary.org. Thank you.



Why A Horse Sanctuary?

Horses have been instrumental in helping us shape history, raising our standard of living, and improving our quality of life. With horses we live adventures and escape to magical places. The profoundly gentle nature of a horse can soften even the most hardened person -- yet for all their generosity many horses spend their lives in horrific, unsanitary conditions or die from neglect or brutality.

Montana Horse Sanctuary was established to help rehabilitate and improve the lives of unfortunate horses who cross our path, while educating the public about these magnificent and deserving animals. The Sanctuary also helps horse owners in crisis with hay, euthanasia and some veterinary grants.

Montana Horse Sanctuary provides positive options for both horses and handlers by providing:

  • a safe sanctuary for horses in need, whether displaced from a loving home or turned over to law enforcement because of abuse or neglect;
  • rehabilitation to the sanctuary's resident horses to help them live healthy, happy lives;
  • permanent homes by placing horses with qualified, loving owners;
  • educational opportunities for horse people including riding, care, health and handling.

Browse through our website to meet the horses and learn more about what we
do. Send us your comments and questions. Happy Trails!


Montana Horse Sanctuary is creating a world in which all horses are sheltered, loved, cared for and understood. The Sanctuary provides refuge, rehabilitation, and placement of horses as well as a wide array of educational opportunities for horsepeople. The Sanctuary also provides assistance to horse owners in crisis.

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