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Horses confiscated from Rocky Acres near Townsend:

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A Healing Refuge For Abused Horses

Most Montana horses live full, healthy lives with owners who profoundly
care for and love them. Sadly, some horses do not. The Sanctuary opened
in 2004 near Helena to address the needs of in-crisis and abused Montana
horses. Today, the Sanctuary is located on a ranch west of Great Falls.
First and foremost, we provide safe sanctuary for horses, donkeys and other equines. From the moment they arrive we tailor each horse's
rehabilitation program to his/her needs. Each horse receives specialized nutrition, veterinary care, training and hoof care.

Our Sanctuary also has an adoption program to place our residents once
they are rehabilitated. Many go on to become trusted saddle horses and
others will live out their lives as pasture pals. Some of our residents
will stay with us for life due to neurological issues or behaviors due to past
abuse. Regardless of their limitations or potential, all equines who enter
our gate find love, respect and care here.

As you browse our website, notice the other ways we help horses:
workshops for horse lovers, grants to owners in financial crisis, education
and more.

Montana Horse Sanctuary provides positive options for both horses and handlers by providing:

  • a safe sanctuary for horses in need, whether displaced from a loving home or turned over to law enforcement because of abuse or neglect;
  • rehabilitation to the sanctuary's resident horses to help them live healthy, happy lives;
  • permanent homes by placing horses with qualified, loving owners;
  • educational opportunities for horse people including riding, care, health and handling.

Browse through our website to meet the horses and learn more about what we do. Send us your comments and questions. Happy Trails!


Montana Horse Sanctuary is creating a world in which all horses are sheltered, loved, cared for and understood. The Sanctuary provides refuge, rehabilitation, and placement of horses as well as a wide array of educational opportunities for horsepeople. The Sanctuary also provides assistance to horse owners in crisis.

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Montana Horse Sanctuary
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